Top Ten Things: March

I don’t know about you, but I am a total fan of those “favorite things” lists people share. There’s something fun about knowing what people are reading, listening to, cooking, etc. at that moment – especially if it’s something up my alley. So, I’m doing just that here. Check out what I can’t get enough of this month.

1. CLOTHES: Steve Madden Adison Mule

Why I love it: I’m loving this type of look right now. There’s something effortless and chic about these shoes, I really dig them. Next up! I’m on the hunt for flared/boot leg jeans to wear them with.

2. PRODUCTS: Redken One United Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray

Why I love it: As someone who regularly colors their hair, my hair knots at the snap of your fingers. In dire need of an adult detangler, I stumbled across this guy. So far, I’m loving it.

3. FOOD: Healthy Banana Bread via Cookie & Kate

Why I love it: This. Recipe. Is. Dynamite. You would have no clue it’s full of healthy substitutes like maple syrup for sugar or olive oil for vegetable oil. I actually get excited when my bananas start browning because it means I get to make this delightfulness.

4. INSPIRATION: @thenester

Why I love it: Myquillyn Smith’s instagram account, @thenester, is filled with beautiful home inspiration. Not only are her curated images to die for, but I like her approach to designing a space. She keeps it cozy and minimally decorated. She creates a warm, inviting space without filling it with clutter. Since having recently moved and purging a bunch of junk, this resonated with me. I’m keeping this look in mind as I decorate our new place. 

5. BOOKS: Girl, Wash Your Face

Why I love it: My best friend sent me this as a gift and honestly I loved this book. Chapter by chapter, Rachel Hollis starts by stating the lies we often tell ourselves on a regular basis. I resonated a lot with this book; her wit and humor kept it from being a traditional self-help book… and trust me, I’ve read plenty of those! I highly recommend this book.

6. PODCASTS: The Lazy Genius

Why I love it: I look forward to this weekly podcast despite some of the topics being mom-centric. There’s something about the way Kendra breaks down her weekly topics that makes me feel energized and ready to tackle what comes my way. Her platform encourages you to “be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t.” It’s a forgiving mentality that carries a lot of weight – not everything we do in life should be held in equal standard and that’s okay. I also love following Kendra on Instagram as well (@thelazygenius).

7. HOME: Voluspa Eden Pear Tin Candle

Why I love it: I received this candle from a friend as a housewarming gift. The sweet musky scent fills the space with a cozy vibe. These candles are a definite splurge, but springing for one may be worth it!

8. WELLNESS: BEST Jade Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool

Why I love it: Several Instagram peeps I follow demonstrated using the gua sha tool during a facial tutorial. I was entranced and relaxed just watching it, I had to buy the stone myself. If you aren’t familiar with the East Asian traditional medical practice, check it out here. It’s magnetic! I do this a minimum of once a week now as a self-care practice and I love it. Watch a tutorial here.

9. PRACTICE: Printing & Framing Photos

Why I love this: No link required for this. Like many, I have loads of pictures on my phone and stored on the cloud. I’ve been meaning to print and frame them, and finally I did it. For starters there’s a sense of accomplishment having completed something on my to do list, but also a sense of pride. I enjoy filling my home with pictures of those I love and memories I cherish – there’s something about it that fills me up! BONUS: Printing pictures is relatively cheap; there’s lots of different sites you can use. I use

10. RANDOM: Brain Game Book

Why I love it: Who doesn’t love strengthening their brain?! Just me? Ok. This brain game book has been a fun way to exercise my brain – and an unintended benefit? I now love crossword puzzles. Prior to starting this book, I always assumed I could never complete a crossword puzzle, but it turns out I’m pretty dang good at them. Side note – try things that scare you! Yes, crossword puzzles scared me. 🤷‍♀️

What “things” are you into right now?

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