Pursuing a Passion Project

Do you have an idea floating around in your head that won’t shake? Is there something about it that’s appealing, exciting, or thought provoking? Do you find yourself drifting off to another place where this idea is not only started but thriving? You can picture yourself in that scenario, right? You’re so glad you started it when you did despite it feeling risky. If you’re answer to any of these questions is yes, you may have a passion project lurking about.

This blog was the passion project that wouldn’t quit. I would find myself daydreaming about it and thinking up blog post ideas, but never acted on it. There felt like too many unknowns, which for me is generally a no-go. I knew very little of WordPress, I feared no one would read my posts or if they did, would my thoughts be interesting or compelling? I was also afraid of failing; what if I started and lost steam? There were many self-limiting thoughts swirling around in my brain… but yet, I found myself dreaming nevertheless.

See, the thing with passions is they don’t quiet down. Despite the fears and doubts that try to overpower them, your passion still hangs out waiting patiently to be cracked open. I created my domain in July 2018 – nearly 9 months before I created my first blog post. As much as I want to think back and wish I started sooner, I choose to believe that everything has its own timing. Instead of reliving my past “mistakes,” I want to put that energy into the present and future.

We often wait until we feel ready, like really, really ready. Trust me, that’s me to a T – I’m the definition of plan, plan, plan and plan to execute at a later date. The truth is I use planning as a crutch; it makes me feel secure and safe but actually stifles my creative energy. Go figure! In order to get going, I moved from a “perfection” mindset to a progression posture. Perfection is limiting and unrealistic; progression allows me to follow my creative arc and work more freely.

Transitioning mindsets requires action but often times starting can be the biggest challenge. I’m going to give you my Take Action Tips to jumpstart your passion.

  1. Put a meeting on your calendar for yourself – yup, that may seem odd but you’ll be less likely to skip it if you get the notification reminder.
  2. Find a spot that’s not your usual workspace. I found a cute new coffee shop near my place.
  3. Ahead of your “meeting” put together an agenda (again this sounds weird, but stay with me). On your agenda list out what you want to accomplish during this meeting.

I created a questionnaire I wanted to spend uninterrupted time answering. I’ve shared the exact questionnaire I created for myself with you because I want YOU to succeed. Adjust and customize the questions however necessary.

Pursuing Passions Questionnaire (1)

I spent time thoughtfully answering these questions because I want to come back to them whenever I question why I’m doing what I’m doing.

From this point, I gave myself a launch date and to hold myself accountable, I shared that information with my boyfriend. I also shared how I was going to celebrate my launch (popping a bottle of champagne and doing a happy dance) so he could get excited about it too. Luckily, he’s a great support system and encourager – he also keeps me accountable to the goals I say aloud.

Finally, I want to close with this: it’s important to remember that having fears and doubts are normal, but what moves our lives from alright to awesome is learning to listen to the fears then overcome them. Prove your fears wrong.

Now ALL that said, get to getting after your passion.

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